We absolutely LOVED every Music Together class we participated in! Our very quiet son started making up his own songs, spontaneously singing songs EVERYwhere and playing instruments in his "home band". ~Shelley


My daughter and I started Music together as a special activity for just the two of us. We quickly grew to love the songs and motions and movements that went with them. My son learned all of the songs in the car and would sing along with them and soon wanted to go to class too! ~Shannon


LCMT was such a wonderful experience for our family. I thoroughly enjoyed participating with my children and observing their musical development from one class to the next. Kelli is a talented teacher and has great rapport with all the children and caregivers. We loved LCMT & Kelli! ~-Jorie


When grandparents visit from out of town (and when we fly to see them) they love having the songbook to learn as they sing along. ~Lake City MT parent




Welcome to Lake City Music Together!

Music TogetherSinging with Mom or Dad.

Moving to the beat with a grandparent, aunt or uncle.

Experiencing music, movement, and instruments with siblings or new friends in a mixed-age setting.

Music Together® is a research-based, early childhood music program for children ages 0-5 and the adults who love them. During classes with Lake City Music Together, the family will participate in playful, engaging activities in a rich musical environment designed to respect and reach individual learning styles and personalities. This provides a model for families to integrate music-making throughout their daily routine at home. Each song collection includes a wide variety of music specifically chosen to help young ones learn to sing in tune and keep rhythm accurately while having a lot of fun in the process.

Think your little one would love to join a class, but you aren’t sure about your own singing voice or musical ability? Don’t worry! Your participation and enthusiasm will be sure to delight your child. You’ll have the support of an encouraging musical community as your child grows and develops new skills. The focus is not on performance, but on creating experiences and inspiration to invent silly new verses to a song or chant, play a new instrument, or show off some signature dance moves.

FREE sample classes are available, so make a reservation to visit one today!