Preparing for Your Class Experience

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What do the grown-ups do in class?

*First of all, simply enjoy taking some intentional time out of your busy schedule to have fun with your child in a playful learning environment. You may recognize musical cues that you've never noticed before. It's a wonderful time to connect as a family in a meaningful way.


What are your expectations for the children?

* Parents/caregivers are expected to participate in class in order to provide an effective, enthusiastic model for their children to follow. Wear comfy clothes you can move in! We generally sit in a circle on our blankets for some songs and get up on our feet to move during others.

* Shhhh! Keep non-music related chatter to a minimum. Enhance your child's experience in class by remembering to sing! Your active participation (regardless of what you think your musical ability is) is the key to your children learning and growing musically. Since it is difficult for a young child to tune out adult conversation, please wait to socialize till after class, and instead contribute to the creation of a musical environment for the children to absorb.






COVID Protocols for 2022 classes: Each family will be assigned a spot on which to place a blanket/mat. Children and their caregivers should stay physically-distanced from the other participants by remaining in their immediate blanket area. Each family will receive a set of instruments to be used only by their family at each class. Caregivers are required to wear masks (covering nose and mouth) throughout the entire class due to the potential risk for participants during singing activities while community transmission is at a moderate to high level.

* Children are invited to participate in developmentally-appropriate ways (which actually includes just sitting quietly and taking it all in during class!), but they should be guided to make safe decisions for themselves that protect the rest of the LCMT mixed-age musical community as well.


The teacher may be able to assist in engaging children off of the family blanket, but parents/caregivers may also opt to go to their child’s location in the space, remain seated with their child(ren) while the class is moving or vice versa, keeping the interactions as musical as possible. Running and roughhousing are discouraged. Sitting with sticks/mallets of any kind is preferred. Children may step outside the room into the lobby with their caregivers for a short time in order to refocus their attention more positively as needed. The goal is for the entire class to enjoy a safe shared musical experience while acknowledging and being accepting of differing learning styles and personal needs.


*At this time, small instrument bags will be handed out for each family to use during our playalong song. All of those instruments (and the mesh bags) will be disinfected by LCMT before being used by another family in class. The basic instrument kits assigned to each family will not be handled by others throughout the session, but caregivers may use the provided disinfecting wipes/supplies provided to clean those instruments as often as you wish.


What happens if my family has to miss a class?

*If you or your child displays symptoms of illness, such as fever, excessive coughing or runny nose that would hinder your child's participation in class or expose others to something contagious, please stay home and let your family recuperate. Each session includes a complimentary make-up class video in order to encourage families to help our musical community stay healthy. Class participants will receive Covid guidelines with current guidance from the health department with their tuition payment invoices and in the welcome newsletter sent the first week of class.

* If your family must miss class for any reason, it would be helpful to know this in advance in order to effectively prepare the class activities for the day. You may tell the teacher in person at class, send an email/Facebook message, or call/text the numbers provided in Welcome Notes information for enrolled families provided for each session in the case of a last-minute absence.

* No tuition refunds are given after the first day of class; however, a credit towards future tuition may be granted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the LCMT Director. If a class for the session is canceled, refunds (less amount for materials and classes taught) will be made available for those who cannot enroll in an alternate time slot.

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Do you allow guests to visit?

COVID Protocols for Winter 2022 classes:  Since each class has limited space depending on the number of enrolled participants, guests and alternate caregivers may not be able to be accommodated at this time. You may request access to a Music Together Online sample video if you would like to try a class when in-person seats are not available.


*Additional adult caregivers (grandparents, extended family members) have been traditionally welcome to attend as they are able. Due to the current protocols, please secure permission from Kelli at least 24 hours before class time before inviting a family member to attend class with you. You may bring additional instruments from home for the additional caregiver if you like, since your instrument kit will only contain enough instruments for registered participants.

When is the best time to begin taking classes?

Your infant, toddler, or preschooler is just the right age to join a Lake City Music Together class. Children are experts at learning skills at their individual growth edge, and musical activities are designed to be accessible to everyone in the room--even the grown-ups!


The Music Together curriculum is research-based and circular to provide regular opportunities for introducing and reinforcing important concepts, so there is no designated starting or ending spot. Families who cycle through the curriculum notice deeper learning when a child experiences a song at a new developmental stage.


How do I listen to the music from class?

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You will have access to the exclusive song collection recording from Music Together in two formats: a CD and a download code which you can use in the Hello Everybody app as well as accessing the music through the Family Music Zone at and downloading it on your favorite device.

The Hello Everybody app and Family Music Zone contain other exclusive content for enrolled families such as full notation of each song, home activities, special bonus videos and craft ideas to extend the learning fun.