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Meet the Teacher

Lake City Music Together

caregivers say:


Few people are truly excellent at their jobs. Kelli shines as she leads her class. The songs are catchy and lovable but what makes the class wonderful is the enthusiasm she brings to the room. I love getting to learn about music development; things I wouldn't particularly learn elsewhere.

So caring, so giving, always individualized even in the group class. I love the asides in class about what we're seeing from our kids. 

LCMT was such a wonderful experience for our family. I thoroughly enjoyed participating with my children and observing their musical development from one class to the next. Kelli is a talented teacher and has great rapport with all the children and caregivers. We loved LCMT & Kelli!

Kelli Schneider, Director

B.S. in Elementary Education, Grace College
M.A. in Teaching and Learning, Nova Southeastern University

I have been making music with my family since I was a young girl. I grew up singing informally with my family and friends and with organized groups at church and in school. I regularly participate as a solo and ensemble vocalist. My formal musical training includes private lessons in piano and voice, as well as becoming a registered Music Together® teacher after completing the rigorous teacher training. As a lifelong learner, I've picked up some basic skills on the ukulele for use in class, too.

I have 15 years of successful teaching experience in public schools, assisting with an elementary school choir for several years. I have enjoyed stepping away from the traditional classroom to care for my own son, and I knew that Music Together was a great fit for my educational philosophy that learning is an enjoyable activity with meaningful results. The excitement of discovery and cooperation in class is a thrill, and it's a joy to have so many sweet young friends (and the grownups, too) in the community. I love that I can help families recognize that music learning supports all learning, as research continues to suggest, and I enjoy providing support to caregivers as they become confident as they incorporate music creatively into their daily routines.

Lake City Music Together has been offering music and movement classes in the Warsaw/Winona Lake area since 2010!  I love running into current and former LCMT families when we're all out and about in town. It's a pleasure to know so many wonderful parents, caregivers, and little ones (some of whom aren't so little anymore!) have been a part of our musical community over the last decade.


Music continues to play an important role in our family's daily routine, and I look forward to making the most of the musical opportunities with your family too!

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